Young Adults


Ages 18-30

Just as a hyphen is a symbol used to connect, CLC’s Hyphen group seeks to connect college and career focused young adults to God, church, ministry and each other.  Led by Nathan and Rebecca Peterson, their goals are to train, disciple and empower young adults in preparation for lifelong involvement in ministry and service in God’s kingdom.  Hyphen members are encouraged to reach out and share Jesus’ love and life-changing power to those who are searching who don’t have Him; while helping those who do draw closer to Him; and turning those who slide away, back towards Him. (Matt 9:37-38, Heb 3:13, James 5:20)

Hyphen Series

Get Connected. 

Hyphen Series' occur quarterly on Wednesday nights at 7pm. We enjoy a time of devotion & fellowship together as we dive in to the Word of God. 

Hyphen "Hangs" & Social Events

Hyphen hangs occur periodically on Sunday afternoons between services. We meet at a Hyphen member's home to eat, relax & just hang out.

"The best coffee in town! It's awesome!"

- John Evans

"It's my absolute favorite place to go!"

- Greg Smith

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